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So, come the new year I am to be one of the first of the coalitions efficiencies. I'm not technically being made redundant, for in the brave new world there shall be no redundancies. I am going voluntarily, ably assisted by a wodge of cash. Of course, it's much the same as being made redundant; and were I to decline to play their game of figure massaging, I'd be able to walk away with a pot of money only slightly less full than by taking the voluntary settlement. Still, family to feed and all that, so I'm taking the money and going.

This does mean that I am on the hunt for a new opportunity. I've been looking around for a while, and have some irons in some fires (some that have been in there so long that they probably qualify as molten by now). But I have no gainful employment yet lined up. They say that many percentages of jobs are filled via word of mouth and so I turn to you, my dear friends and vague acquaintances, for assistance.

I am a business/technical analyst, with project management and service management experience and a firm grasp of IT infrastructure theory and practice. I've spent the last 6 years in the education sector and prior to that have worked in fields as varied as banking, alternative energy and theatres. I'm looking for something within commuting distance of Warwickshire, and am happy to travel further a few times a week, if I'm home based for some of the time. I can, of course, provide a CV and some references if needed.

Anyway, I thought it worth a mention, just in case. Ta muchly.
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