Apr. 1st, 2013

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Ooh, look! A livejournal entry! After two years off, spirited away by Facebook and its devious wiles, I'm back with a post. I wanted to put down some thoughts about Empire and the weekend just gone, and Facebook doesn't really seem to cut it for that type of narrative, so it's time to dust off the old LJ. It seems somewhat appropriate, given that this was my first fest LRP in 7 years or so, that I go back to the medium I used to use to report on them. Anyway, on with the post...

Writing an LRP game is hard. Not just trying to do mental arithmetic whilst people shout random numbers hard, and not even trying to juggle whilst riding a skateboard hard (which I can confirm from experience is very hard). But really, truly, properly hard. You can make it a bit easier by getting a lot of talented people together to help. You can try to compartmentalise and break down the tasks. But whilst it makes it easier, it remains a hard endeavour. With that in mind, I can only imagine how many extra degrees of hard Empire was to create. I can imagine Matt announcing "We're going to have a senate-based political game; a mage based "ARS magica tribunal" game; a believable living religion game; a mercantile trading game; a crafting game; massive battles; 9(+1) nations; 6 lineages; real IC buildings; IC streetlighting and we're going to do it for over 1500 players". I can also imagine the combination of hilarity, disbelief and terror that it would have engendered in his co-conspirators.

So, the real question is... did it work? Well... mostly.

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If PD can build on this, learn the lessons from this event, and catch a break from the weather gods, then they are onto a winner, I reckon. Pacing will improve; players will come to understand the IC institutions and brilliant kit will become sublime as we all aspire to be better. 


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